Coast 2 Coast Communications

Coast 2 Coast Companies

Coast 2 Coast Companies is a fast growing, family owned, direct sales company. With our commitment as a partner and employer, you can rely on us to deliver the exceptional quality you deserve. We emphasize training our employees to educate our valued customers to make good financial decisions on their service.

Because all of our clients have different goals, certain standards and expectations have to be met timely. With over 30 years of cable sales experience we have the ability and knowledge of how to reach and exceed these goals. Our recipe for success and our guidelines are simple; we treat our clients, customers and employees like family.

Our business is door to door sales, and we deal with several cable companies, and other outsourcing vendors. We bring our expertise to create a new and fun style with the highly effective approach at the door sales and servicing. Today, we provide a wide variety of sales and servicing solutions including:

  • Cable, Internet, and Phone Sales
  • Direct Sales/Outsourcing and Service Consulting
  • Field collections and audits
  • Equipment retrieval and exchange
  • Special events and projects
  • Retail Sales
  • Business to Business Sales

Business outsourcing has become a strategic way of keeping your business immune from the cost pressures and time demand of getting your product to the public. This will allow you to focus on what is truly important, the product and the customer.

Opening new doors is our focus.